The Shrinking Lab Project by Bingley

The Shrinking Lab Project is a game I initially decided to make on a whim to learn how Quest works, inspired by a number of other text adventure games.

This game contains giantess, vore, and sexual content. If you don't know what all that means, its probably not gonna be for you. But I'm just a warning label, I can't stop you. Some examples of the content you should expect to find includes:

A number of characters to interact with. Most are female, but there are some exceptions.
A handful of unique scenes (Sex, OV, AV, UB, BV, CV eventually, entrapment, full size/shrunk)
Semi-dynamic relationships for most characters

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome as I would like to generally improve my writing and game design, but please be respectful about it. If there's something you'd like to see in the game, feel free to ask but I make no guarantees on adding anything to the game at the moment as this game was made as just a test with mostly spaghetti code, and I'm not sure how long I'll really continue working on it... Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing my first little Quest experiment game!

Bugs I'm currently aware of: timer carrying over into areas it shouldn't, text doubling up

Minor update: I've transitioned from working on this little game to a more dating sim style game (still in quest). I don't imagine myself coming back to this one very often to work on it, but if it gets enough traction then who knows

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Review by AzurRanfan
18 Oct 2021
Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for making this so fun.

Review by Maximus814814
17 Oct 2021
one of the best shink games ive played

Review by Ultra Blue Moon
14 Oct 2021
It's a wonderful game, I hope you get back to it. Kinda want to know what's in the basement and everything.

Review by boons123
12 Oct 2021
A well made game.

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