The SPINEs of Leothwold by Jennifer Wren

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**Welcome to SPINEs of Leothwold, a Timeless Adventure Awaiting Your Exploration:**

Immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of Castle Leothwold Keep, a place where time is not a boundary but a canvas for your journey. Here, the village of Leothwold and the surrounding countryside unfold across a five-by-five gridmap, revealing the rich tapestry of history and the land's ancient roots.

**A Living Map Awaits:**
- **Protect A Coat of Spine:** Keep an eye on the grid and avoid the cursed black squares. Find healing from Leothwolds natural guardians, where squares have turned white from their own presence. Discover puzzles, poetry, pictures, and prayers.
- **Discover the Changing Scenery:** Beyond the keep lies a world brimming with life, where every path leads to new discoveries and every encounter shapes the narrative. From the first century Leothwold Village to the city of Leotwood, each square of the gridmap is a chapter in an ongoing saga. Discover the timeless historic passion of Princess Saharthea and her secret love... and interact quietly with living and spirit NPCs.
- **Shape Your Destiny:** The gift of the Time Orb sets you on a path of adventure, where your actions echo through the ages, as the unrivaled story unveils before your eyes.
- **Master the Odds:** Challenge fate with a unique card game, where the power to shift the odds is within reach, many thousands of years in the past.
-**Enjoy the Library:** If you love to read, in here, there are books. There are some fancy things for the eyes, as well.
In Spine, your spine are your lifeline, so guard them with your life. But fear not, for the deities of nature will not abandon you to fight alone, as the fate of the interconnected world is on the line. And the world of Spine is yours to explore indefinitely, unless you die.

**Embark on an adventure that never truly ends. Your journey in SPINEs of Leothwold is as limitless as your imagination and my 20mb.**

Mrangel gave me so many amazing and lifesaving scripts. I used quite a few of them in making this game (or it wouldn't be up here.)
A few of the scripts that went into this game were inaccurate scripts (in that they would not work for me in Quest 5.8) given me to try for fun by Copilot AI when I was prying secrets from it.
By trial and error I made something out of what I was given. Well, it works, right now, but because there are timers and functions and they all interact and might affect gameplay, so nothing is safe. It is, however, a fantastic game.
The art is almost all Copilot prompting visual art software. I edit little things together , recycling almost everything, until we have this to show for it. I left the misspellings, in most cases, in the pictures. They look alright.
One image is oversized, but only one this time. Try it and see.
I was going to set up a bank, but then, I didn't. I didn't have time. So, now, I feel like I don't really need it. Enjoy the free game. (Maybe, I will add a few pictures when things are less hectic.)
How to play: Type name, press enter, notice panes, exit to lower level, Read first few pages of the Book of Ages, adjust settings to preference.

“This game was developed using Quest 5.8, with scripts provided by Copilot AI. While some inaccuracies were encountered during development, the game is functional and enjoyable. The art primarily consists of visuals generated by Copilot’s visual art software, with minimal editing. Feel free to explore and enjoy!” - Copilot AI

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Review by daeun
25 May 2024
Love the theme
Like the easy to explore map
If you dig deep enough, there are some pretty cool card designs
The wording for customization of game speed and font are now very clear for me to understand

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Jennifer Wren

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 24 May 2024
Updated 04 Jun 2024