Red Western by afrankfort

Red Western is a choose your own adventure game set in the American Midwest. You play as Rosalyn Le'guin, a cowgirl on the hunt for revenge. You must navigate the wilderness, interrogate the towns people and lay low any who oppose you in the name of what you crave most. Retribution.

Do you have the wits to survive the land of guns and fire?
Do you have the strength to take your revenge?
And most importantly, will you damn the innocent in order to get it?

Play time: 45 m - 1 hour
Review by bakioztepe
15 May 2020
I have never played a western choose your own adventure game before, and this was breathtaking! You play as the most gritty "femme fatale" of the western genre. Good read.

Review by RenegadeX
23 Jun 2019
Would like if there were more pathways to the end so you could have a sort of multiple ending story based on your decisions but overall a fun game.

Review by FraayzeR
13 Mar 2019
I've never really been into text based adventure games but on a recommendation from a friend I gave this one a go. I was really surprised at the depth of the story, you really start to imagine the world and the characters. Your choices have real impacts and makes the whole game really engaging. Can't wait to try more games from this author.

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