Escape From Cluster Zeta by paolojcruz

You are the newest Ensign aboard the Invisible Hand, an official commercial vessel of the Laissez-Faire Trade Federation. Can you help the crew repair a broken FTL drive before a hostile enemy fleet shows up to reclaim your latest bounty?

An interactive fiction piece with nods to sci-fi tropes and old-school "Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom".

Recommended if you like: Ron Gilbert meets "Futurama" or "Discworld" sensibilities IN SPACE.

Authored with Twine.
Playtime: +/- 20 mins.
Cruelty level: Merciful.
Review by Wessy2001
24 Sep 2013
That was probably the best text adventure I've played yet! I love how when I won, it played that catchy little techno tune...

Review by Bosco
02 Sep 2013
My only complaints are that the GAME OVERs from examining items seemed kind of cheap, and that "I'm" was never capitalized.

Other than that, this was a delightful read with entertaining characters and a "metric sh*t-tonne" of sci-fi references.

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Published 29 Aug 2013