Zeppelin Adventure by robinjohnson

Piloting a tea-zeppelin on Mars is a lonely job, but this run is nearly over and then you're due for a holiday. That's unless you get sucked into a puzzly adventure involving pterodactyls, robots, paternoster lifts and space elves!

This game was my entry in the 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction http://springthing.net

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Review by Pascal666
08 Sep 2019
Thank you!

Review by 85man56
12 Jul 2018
pretty good

Review by Ekename
01 Jun 2018
This is fantastic! It was the right mix of difficult and easy, and I loved how the different endings worked out. :)

Review by jordanrichards320
28 Apr 2018
This game is fantastic, and deserves 5 stars... except for that really disappointing glitch at the end of it... after you meet the old man. Please fix this! It was actually kind of painful to give a game this good less than 5 stars.
(Btw, even with the glitch, it's still TOTALLY worth playing).

Review by Plover
21 Apr 2018
Wow! hope this game wins.

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