Unscientific Fiction by Tom Tervoort

Unscientific Fiction is a very, very soft science fiction IF in which you are abducted by an alien spaceship and must find a way to get back home. During an epic and sometimes pretty nonsensical adventure you'll face an evil supercomputer, mushroom-filled illusions, lemon juice detectors, the consequences of bad food advice, giant labyrinths and the 'Luxembourgian Liberation Front'.

This game is pretty forgivable (you can die in a few cases but immedately undo and unwinnable situation don't exist) and tries to avoid 'guess the verb' situations in favor of item based puzzles. It's generally not too hard but there are a few though puzzles and logic (and sometimes illogic) thinking is often required.
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Review by MutantIke
01 Nov 2014
Intresting... Kinda boring after the first encounter with Lucy, but I just started.

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Tom Tervoort
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Published 03 Aug 2009
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