The life of a...HOUSE SPARROW! by SilverStone the dragon

Yeah, I know what your thinking. This game sounds SERIOUSLY DULL AND BORIIIING! But actually-it's not what you think! Your Feathertail the Female Sparrow and you really hate your average life. Because your not an average sparrow (Whadda you think?!) At breeding time, you hate the loud racket of male sparrows. And you don't like bread, or any food humans attempt to feed you-you prefer seeds and nectar-possibly insects. Life is normally BORIIIIIIINNNGGG till suddenly a human grabs you and carries you away! They take you to their house and then leave you in a cage. You have to try to escape! It's not too long, but worthwhile for a quick play! Be careful,though...You don't want a sticky end!

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09 Mar 2020
so cute if you reading this play now!!!!!!!!

Review by LucyEs
05 Sep 2019
OMG this is sooooo cute! I LOVE THIS GO AND PLAY :D

Review by deng
04 Sep 2019
This is such a good game you've got there

Review by
04 Sep 2019
Great, love it please do more.
you all should try this!
PS- i know who you are....

Review by Em(:
04 Sep 2019
Your game is interesting t say the least but i think its gooooood

Review by lostspirit
04 Sep 2019
Lol! I love this, so funny and cute. Keep up the great work :)

Review by Siena
31 Aug 2019
wow everyone go and play this IT IS SO FUN really cute imanges i am am a huge sparrow fan

Review by Soulaimene
26 Aug 2019
i love is texting game

Review by FlaggsHamster123
26 Aug 2019

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Written by
SilverStone the dragon

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 11 Sep 2019