Undertale ---|------- W.I.P-------|--- by Frisk12345

Plz enjoy, like, and comment.

Updates will be made in the future.

Also, if I have made any mistakes that aren't in the real game, then you NEED to criticize me. I want to make this game enjoyable for everyone and I want the game to be perfect. I would really enjoy it and tell me if you want more updates. Thnx for playing!

Update 1.0:
-Genocide route!
(Featuring being able to go back and forth between genocide and pacifist route [at Sans battle @ end of game, player must choose either pacifist OR genocide])
-Toriel! (if I'm not too lazy)
-Spelling fixes!

More updates to come. Stay tuned my Undertale fans! :b

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Review by SmallPixelBoat
05 Nov 2020
Cool game!
Cant wait for more. :3
I love being insulted-

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