Normandy, 1944 by ChairmanMiaow

Europe, 1944. Since 1939, Nazi Germany and its Axis allies have pushed across the European continent, extending at one point from Norway to North Africa and deep into the heart of the USSR. Now the Allied forces of Britain, USSR, and the US are pushing back. After defeating the Nazis in North Africa, the Allies turn their attention to Hitler's "Fortress Europe". While the Soviets counterattack in the East, Hitler's positions in Western Europe remain unchallenged. In the early days of the summer of 1944, Allied forces launch a massive invasion of the northern beaches of France. Their objective, to attempt the largest amphibious assault in the history of mankind, to establish a beachhead, liberate France and Western Europe, and push into the heart of Nazi Germany. On June 6, 1944, a massive naval and air armada takes off for France's Normandy coast. In addition to 25,000 soldiers participating in an aerial assault behind enemy lines, over 100,000 men will storm the beaches this day. You are one of these soldiers.

For teachers & educators: You may wish to have your students keep a journal so that they might reflect on the choices they make throughout the game. They may do so before they make the choice or after. If they reflect on their choices after they have made them, you may ask them to share their reasoning behind their decision and if the resolution met or did not meet their expectations.

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Review by MattFinucane
01 Apr 2020
Brilliant and educational

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