Decisions within the Walking Dead (Episode 1) by Jerry2create

Just updated the game.
Please feel free to replay it again.

Decisions affect the development of the story.
Inspired by the Walking Dead Game.

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Review by MrPikmin16
06 Jul 2017
You gotta give him credit for actually releasing it in a finished, playable state. Not bad. Will check out the other episodes.

Review by mchambermich
06 Apr 2016
The Walking Dead, as written by Robert Kirkman's 3 year old child. This is just unplayable.
Also, I'm not sure what country you studied in, but that is not how you write speech.

"You: Hey, my girl. You going to school?"
This is halfway between a transcript and an illiterate ape writing a novel. It's either:

You: Hey, my girl...
"Hey, my girl..." you say/said.
The "you" does not go in the speech marks, and if you're using speech marks, you do not put in the colon.

Review by Major norwal Games
14 Aug 2014
this is awful doesn't even deserve this

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