Machine of Death by Hulk Handsome

In the near future, the world will be changed by a machine that predicts how a person will die with 100% accuracy... but not clarity.

Would knowing your demise change the way you lived your life?

A collection of three short interactive stories.
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Review by kmansnake14
09 Nov 2021
The game was a decent length and the story was very witty. I enjoyed the dark sense of humor and how the machine's fates are never straightforward. I died twice and they were both in the most ironic way which made it more enjoyable. Excellent game.

Review by Bravo
10 Jul 2021
Great concept! It was thorough and in-depth, and awesome

Review by Savio
14 Mar 2021
Interesting concept.
I poisoned the old man because I thought that was my destiny, how silly.

Review by MantzR11
22 Dec 2020
THIS IS AMAZING!!! Can you make a Part 2?

If you do...
Things are looking up.

Review by MasterOfBob777
26 Jan 2019
I loved this it felt like I lived through it.

Review by FluxDGTL01
11 Aug 2018
What can I say? This was just perfect.

Review by Cheralina
03 Feb 2018
I guess I'll die of old age in prison after murdering that poor widower. Huh.
Still don't know how I'll be killed by looking up. Or how I'll get shot in the heart by Bon Jovi...

Review by Fantasylover22
30 May 2017
Great game! Loved how there are three different fates - tried them all!

Review by Robotanic
17 Apr 2017
Cute game.

Review by Seven7
05 Apr 2017
Amazing. I love how the machines meanings take you by surprise. The only bad thing about it is it didn't last longer!

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Published 29 Sep 2013
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