Micro Mishap by Inshoe

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You are Jack, a young guy who has invented his own shrinking device. After testing it out and shrinking yourself down, your giant mother comes home, unaware that you are tiny. Can you survive the next twenty-five minutes with your giant unaware mother?
- An ALL unaware GTS adventure with your giant mother
- Four different Endings
- Plenty of places to explore
- Rich descriptions
- Fun interactions

I've got another game in development called A Small Day, please check it out if you like this game!

I hope you guys enjoy your tiny adventures with your giant mother, and let me know what you think!

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Review by daeun
07 Feb 2024
Story feels boring.

Review by dyc
13 Oct 2023
Looking forward to adding more content

Review by crazyguy225
22 Sep 2023
It well written, but I think the primary issue is that there is very little interaction for the player. Most things are done by just, waiting.

Review by Ava_xxx
20 Sep 2023
I like the idea of an all unaware game like this but unfortunately it seems to be reduced to just foot content. Well executed but the content unfortunately isn't for me.

Review by Jeff77779
19 Sep 2023
For anyone getting stuck, you have to press enter to pass the first bit of text. But this game does very well so far, would recommend.

19 Sep 2023
Nothing’s showing up. It’s just blank.

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Added 18 Sep 2023
Updated 18 Sep 2023