girl vore a taste snack (or two) by the onion child

this is a vore centred interactive story about a 18 year old named lily
lily is a futa (see cover picture) in this story lily is the only one who can vore (pred) (possibly others in future)

preds can eat people however they want (no duh)

no one will try to stop you as preds "areth rare thus no one may care" {I'll add a better reason in future}

I will be using pictures for character references alongside descriptions

I will use celebrities and may treat them as normal people (because their cute)

Vore types included are: oral and cock vore (and hopefully i can add breastvore, optional disposal and others if i can figure out this interface)

Hopes: to add companions with different things to say and do (or ways to be consumed) based on what room their in.
Several different ways to vore most of the girls
To have a use for the girls remains.
For people to leave suggestions on different celebs or vore descriptions/methods on my accounts (what time I'd respond is totally up in the air)

It's pretty bare now but the goal is for it to be fun in future

Girls so far
Bikini top- fake name
Kira adams- fake name
Reseptionist Brenda- fake name
Selena gomez- real name

If you have any ideas youd like me to add or characters/celebs id love to hear them and I feel I've got plenty of space to expand. (I shall now revel in the unintentional pun)
discord-Pred or prey Lucy for hire#2650

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 03 May 2021
Updated 06 May 2021