And so the world did end by Giggling_Kiste

Before reading always scroll up to the top as it sometimes starts in the middle and it might look as if it was the whole page.

The main character in this story is Thea, a 17 year old european girl.
It's Christman Eve and she's all alone. In fact, she's been alone for an entire year now.
There was an incident and almost everybody disappeared.
Help Thea not to drown in memories and survive this dark christmas.

Rather than an actual game this is more of a story containing memories and emotions of mine which wanted to be expressed and since I do not have a diary I thought of creating a text adventure / gamebook based on how I feel. So you do not get to do a lot but look at many things and read about what they mean to the main character / me.

This gamebook is bilingual (English - German). I did not translate each word, though.
So due to my mediation work the atmosphere might feel a little different in English than it might feel in German and the other way around.

My grammar is ok but don't look at my punctuation. It's terrible. I have no idea when to place commas and when not to.
If you do find an error (no matter in which of the two languages) be sure to post a comment so I can correct it. Thank you :)

Please rate and comment if you have the time :)

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 12 Oct 2013
Updated 14 Oct 2013

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