Tutorial to Squiffy by Lakshita2009DaRkStRoNg

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This is the code:
@How to use squiffy tutorial guide
Start writing! You can delete all of this text, or play around with it if you're new to Squiffy.

Each choice is represented by a [[new section]]. You can create links to new sections by surrounding them in double square brackets.

[[new section]]:

In addition to sections, Squiffy has the concept of passages. These are sections of text that don't advance the story. Passage links use single square brackets. For example, you can click this [passage link], and this [other passage link], but the story won't advance until you click this [[section link]].

[passage link]:

This is the text for the first passage link.

[other passage link]:

This is the text for the second passage link.

[[section link]]:

When a new section appears, any unclicked passage links from the previous section are disabled.
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