Perils Happy Home by Invaledusername

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In your earliest memory, you vividly recall the joy of running through the eerie halls with your brother, playing a game of tag, your laughter reverberating off the walls, filling the space with an innocent, carefree energy. The bond you shared with your brother was irreplaceable, but now, he's no longer with you. The haunting absence of your brother lingers, the disappearance leaving a mark on your young mind. His last known moments were spent with Papa, a mysterious figure, his presence casting a shadow over your life.

Despite your efforts to flee these memories, your attempts slip away like sand through your fingers. Discovering an old photo album on the shelf provides a glimpse into Papa's dark past.

As an 8-year-old girl you are confined to a life within your home, the outside world remains unknown, a place you've never seen nor experienced. The home you share with Papa is a place of confinement, devoid of windows, its walls encased in cement, the surroundings creating an environment that feels bleak.

(Princess is a nickname!)
(TW lobsters, blood, loud noises, gore, screaming, abuse, possible death)

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Review by peanut_bread
15 Mar 2024
I really enjoyed playing this game. the descriptive language was amazing and I loved that the papa had a dark past and was very strict but kind. honestly I would 100% recommend this game to others. I did find a few grammar mistakes but nothing bad overall it was great.

Review by KEcgcs
15 Mar 2024
The descriptive writing is amazing and the story line its self is super fun! I love the eerie vibes you get playing this game, as well as the images given, it brought life to the game! I have played a couple times and have gotten different endings, super happy with this game. Great job!

Review by CrazyDazy225
14 Mar 2024
I liked your game a lot! I've only given it four stars because the original ending I was going to get didn't work as you can see in my comment. With that fixed, it's for sure a five-star game. I also liked all the images and engaging descriptions.

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