Transition by thielenej

Suppose you were born in a body that did not match who you were. Suppose you were transgender. Your whole life you have been told you are something you are not. What do you do?

The point of this game is twofold. It is for cisgender people to understand the similarities and differences that being trans brings, but can also be used to help trans people understand the experiences of other trans people.


Some of the content in this game may be triggering to people who have dealt with severe trauma. This game has Content Warnings for:

Transphobia, Homophobia, Slurs, Demonization of Mental Illness

Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Assault Mentioned, Anatomy Mentioned

Parental Abuse, Partner Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Gaslighting, Physical Assault, Murder Mentioned

Additional warnings provided immediately before text


Special Thanks To:

Dr. stef m. shuster - An amazing professor who helped make this game possible

ASU TransAction and its members - Awesome game testers, and even better friends

Jordan - Tore apart my work, tested the game so so so many times, and helped me figure out some of the coding. But most importanly, is one of my best and most supportive friends. I owe ya one. Nerd.



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