Behaviourism Presentation by kbaglot

Hello Classmates,

We look forward to engaging in rich discussions on behaviourism following your interaction with our presentation. We have chosen to use Twine, a non-linear storytelling tool, to present our material.

As Parkay and Hass state, "An individual selects one response instead of another because of prior conditioning and psychological drives existing at the moment of the action" (2000). Through Twine, you have agency in navigating our presentation by choosing from the list of links at the bottom of each page. Since your behaviour is directed by stimuli, you will each browse our presentation differently due to behavioural principles.

The sections of our presentation are:
Overview and Introduction
Behaviourism Features
Behaviourism Drawbacks
Applications and Current Tech Use
Behaviourism in Games
Classroom Scenario

Throughout our presentation, you will find discussion prompts linked back to this page, indicated with a colour coded bee icon and corresponding hyperlinked text. Below are the corresponding prompts for you to respond to, but please note that they are only a starting point. We welcome discussion beyond these!

Thank you for taking the time to view our presentation; we can't wait to hear your thoughts on behaviourism.

Kim Baglot
Megan Cleaveley
Grant MacLeod
Michael Meroniuk
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