Mourn by MythicBlue

Why are you here?

You know why.

I won't do it.

You don't have a choice.

You have no power over me.


I know the time is coming.

You know what must be done.

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Review by daeun
07 Feb 2024
Game have limited audience.

Review by GAZArts
27 May 2023
Let me explain why I'm giving this game a rating of 2.

I can't give it a 1 because the game, as it is presented here, actually works. I was able to progress from beginning to end without issue. Grammatically the game is great, MythicBlue not only is a great writer but he writes with a poetic flare that I enjoyed.

So then, why the low score? The subject matter is absolutely monstrous. Look I get the game is in the horror genre but you've essentially made a game where you kill children. *Spoilers* there's an actual scene in here where you get to murder babies in a crib using a power drill. Another scene where the player saws off a little girls head with a knife.

There are prompts through out the game where you have an option to stop what you're doing but you're often met with a stern "NO" indicating that the player may be suffering with various mental disturbances. I continued to play the game until the end because of a morbid curiosity of wanting to see how far the author would push this... the answer is very far.

This is a snuff game, a child murder simulator, nothing more. Give it a miss.

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Published 27 May 2023