The Cruise by Chrisp

The cruise! An adventure about piracy and the Caribbean. Embark in an adventure and try to foil a plot to take over your cruise ship!
Review by Deadstar
01 May 2017
I'm not living the story, I'm forced to make a choice I don't want to make.
I want to rebel in a story but erverytime you make the exciting choice (of the 2 given every step) you are for some reason game over.

Review by SuddedDelay
01 May 2017
Very linear. Most of the time, there's only one correct option. Even if you choose the 'wrong' choice, there's basically no explanation why it's game over.
Example: I chose to unpack, because I'll be on the cruise for a week (as explained). "You stay in your room and do nothing. You lose."
I'm sorry I just carelessy threw my luggage on my bed and not go to dinner. I guess Unpacking bags takes longer than 5-10 minutes. This isn't the only time a 'game over' is presented poorly. It happens with every choice exempt for a special few.

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