Fire Emblem Fates Dating Simulator (ver 0.23) by Comx1000

You are a new student who has been accepted into not 1, but 2 Universities. You must pick a university to go to and live life going to said university.

This is a dating simulator based around the characters in fire emblem fates: conquest and birthright. Depending which school you go to decides what girl you will try to get (yes, you can get no girl, but it is hard.) I will add every girl from fire emblem fates which includes Anna, which I will make the hardest girl to get in the game. I will add a guide to show you how to get each girl in the game, however it will be more fun discovering these by your self. As for the multiple route characters, they will be in the school which suits them most (for example, azura will be in the hoshido school, while scarlet will be in the nohr school)

make sure to send me any ideas with what you think I should do with the characters, everyone who comes up with good ideas for the girls will get their names in the credits. And make sure to tell me what you think, even if you send me a small idea, ill make sure to add you to the credits for inspiring me. So make sure to send me all your ideas. I also plan on they been clubs (likes a cooking club in the nohr school, which would be a way to get peri)

Planned content:
3 unique ending for each character
An in depth guide to getting each character in the game
Achievements (you will have to keep track of them.)
Female perspective for the ladies out there
Fully drawn Characters
Much more!

Looking for volunteers to draw fates characters for this, even if it just one of them.

looking for you all to be patient because this will take quite a while.

make sure to rate this high so outhers can see it and give thier ideas.

Updates: So i have relesed a demo version of 0.23 to tide you over while the final tests are going on on ver 0.23. this is version 0.023
0.1: made the game, nothing new added (20/8/16)
0.2:added main menu,changelog,guide, gender selection and ability to select male and female, finished "None" route for male, added choice, added info for both universities, added "help" menu, begun adding to the hoshido university path. Finished writing all but the children page in help page. (added 22/8/16)
0.22: added achevement menu, added nohr info and finished the Children help page (added 23/8/16)
0.23: changed "FOR NOHR" Achevement to "FOR NOHR(ian scum), added lobsters, added the entire enrollment day for both nohr and hoshido, added achevement list: 004. Who are you, chrom?, Confused mother, childhood friends 1.0. Make sure to check out this game's tumblr page for updates and previews for the future.

Current version 0.23

version 0.23 coming soon.

Thanks for reading!


(last updated 23/8/16)

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Review by Mithos301
13 Feb 2017
Not even the first day is complete, spelling errors, grammar errors, writing that makes it look like it was done by a 15 year old fanfic writer. I'm no author, but come on. Also writer abandoned this work so don't even bother

08 Feb 2017
I like what you have so far. Please update. I played it on YouTube

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