Desert adventures by Sam.rumseyy

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You were a desert nomad you live in a hot desert with your tribe. One day you went exploring on your own , but you don't know what direction to go in


You decide to go left and you keep walking trying to find something interesting. You are in the hot scorching desert. You have drunk all the water you brang and all you have left is your empty drink bottle. You wish you had saved it because you are in a hot desert with no water. Your lips were as dry as cereal before you add the milk. You see something lying in the sand up ahead you can recognise what it is. You are out of energy but you know you have to find out what it is. You get close enough to recognise what it is. It's a abandoned drink bottle with some water in it you decide to take it.

Drink it

You have decided to drink all of the water out of the drink bottle because you were really thirsty. This probably wasn't the best idea as you died from dehydration.

Save the water for later

You have saved the water for later which was a very good choice. Now you will survive for about 3 more hours.


you turned left. You have found an abandoned chest lying on the hot desert sand. You decide to open it. You have found some food and water. But you only have the energy to take one. Which one will you take?

Take food

You have taken the food because you are starving but then you die from no water.

Take water

You have taken the water but you have gone a few days without food will you survive? No you died the next hour from starvation.


You turned right and kept walking you come across a large square object that looks like a house you walk the whole way around this object and come across a cracked old door. This was a sand house.

Go inside

You have gone inside the house to explore. You walk inside and see a dead person you run and die from exhaustion.

Keep walking

You keep walking and don't bother going into the sandhouse.

Look for water

You start looking for water because you are running low on supplies.

Go left

You go left and you have found civilisation.

Go right

You go right and you fall in a deep and large sand dune you die.

Go right

You go right and stand in hot sand and die from hot weather.

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