Let`s Go To Work (Part One of an Epic Story) by copyc

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An epic story of a "very" unlucky man. Try to get to work alive, I dare you...
Review by Acethemaster135
13 Jan 2015
I found this game rather interesting. As it is the author's first time writing an interactive story, any mistakes with grammar or capitalization are excusable, and do not really hinder the experience as a whole. My only real problem is that you almost always end up dead, and it could have been more engaging if there were alternate endings. Other than that, I will more than likely play/read the next entry in the series.

Review by Marzipan
10 Jan 2015
First: did you really need to blow up the newsfeed with a 3,356px × 2,304 image? Second: are you and zzGODSKNIFEzz the same person? Third:

Your alarm clock reads 6:00 you better get up and go to work.
Start again
get up
You get up... to your left there is a bathroom and to your right there are the stairs.
go left
You go to the bathroom. There is a mirror.
look at mirror
Wow that is one ugly dude... oh wait that`s you... You fall over dead from your uglyness.

...yep, that sure was one EPIC adventure. Such grandeur and heroism, like LOTR and Star Wars and the Odyssee all combined into one.


Review by zzGODSKNIFEzz
10 Jan 2015
For this being the author's first interactive story, I believe that he can do well in the future.

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