Inside Woman by Andy Phillips

Utopia Technologies. Industrial giant, economic powerhouse, the world's greatest scientific superpower, and the organisation most responsible for eroding civil liberties and personal freedoms. They're an all-powerful capitalist megacorporation that you despise completely and utterly, yet you're perfectly willing to join their ranks.

The paperwork has been filed, and you're on the way to the California Archipelago in a transport shuttle. There's no turning back now. Tomorrow morning, you'll be a citizen of Utopia, based in the Arcology -- that overcrowded, polluting eyesore of gargantuan proportions. You'll be a mere immigrant worker at the bottom of the corporate ladder, but your stomach still churns at the thought. Your motives for going may be pure, but that doesn't make it easy.
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Review by blackknight
02 Dec 2017
Nice very big sci-fi game.

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Written by
Andy Phillips
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Published 08 May 2009
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