The Evil Twin by hana325

One fine day, after I came back from Japan and started a longer summer break than everyone, I was back to school again, nothing changed as I saw my classmates' smiles missing each other. When I was packing my stuff to get ready for the first period, someone tapped my shoulder as I felt something from the back. It was the twin that learned in the same class as me Lily and Milly they are always together. They looked happy to meet me and so was i. Suddenly I felt a big stomp from the back and someone pushed me from the back really hard as I fell down, and that was the big fat bully Danny. His body was huge as a big fat marshmallow, no one dared to even talk to him or even bully him. As Danny looked down to me he said “ Move !! You idiot !!. He was always like this so I really didn’t care.

It was lunch time, I was normally getting the food from the canteen which was lasagna,orange and milk. I sat down at the table beside Lily and Milly. Suddenly I heard a big and loud scream from the back. I looked back as I saw Danny who was screaming since his lasagna had turned into a frog. “Help!! Help!! Help!!”. As I looked beside Lily and Milly, they were quietly laughing and so was I.

After lunch Lily,Milly and I decided to play football together. While we were playing I heard a familiar voice, “ Hana! Let's play tag together !! Why are you alone ?” It was a good friend of mine, Nancy. I thought I was playing with Lily and Milly but before I could say that I looked beside as Lily and Milly disappeared into thin air. I felt really strange and weird but I decided to say nothing and went to play with Nancy.

After school as I went back home, my mom told me that she had something to say to me. My mom said “ Hana, actually during summer holiday Lily and Milly went to a river together with their classmate but sadly both Lily and Milly drowned and passed away”. My jaw dropped as I heard my mom continue explaining . I thought that now it makes all the sense, it seems that no one is noticing the twins even there beside me and they're pretty popular with boys too. And when Nancy invited me to play tag with her, first i thought i was playing with Lily and Milly but they had disappeared into thin air when i was about to say i was playing with Lily and Milly, so it means that i can only see them but no one else.

The next day, as I felt nervous going to school, as I entered the class I sat down in front of Lily and Milly's table and saw a mysterious letter from someone. I slowly opened the letter and it said “ I Need Help “.
I looked back but Lily and Milly were nowhere to be found. Around recess I heard a familiar voice calling my name “ Hana, Hana, Hana…”. As I heard the voice. I knew it was Lily and Millly. I walked and walked to find where exactly they were and it was in the library.

As I entered the dark library where no one was there, I heard Lily and Milly’s voices. They said “Hana,can you read the book?..”. Suddenly a book came into my hand as I sat down. It was called the Devil Book. Lily and Milly said that “ When our soul was out of our body we wanted to go to heaven, but we got captured by the Devil. Please help us,we know that in this Devil Book there is a way you can let us escape from Hell. As I read the book I found some information and ways I can let Lily and Milly escape. I have decided to help Lily and Milly out of the horrible place. After I read most of it I found some information so I wrote it down.

Ways to help Lily and Milly

AT 6pm 6 minutes 6 second stand in front of the mirror

As I watched the clock seriously it was time for me to stand in front of the mirror and start saying the phrase I wrote in the paper until the door opened. Suddenly I was sucked into a new world where I never knew it existed. I was turned and fell down as fast as a cheetah. First i saw a darkness that it was darker like a blackhole then fell down and was in a beautiful flower garden with full of sweets and desserts, as i saw a tower a macron it looked very delicious so i was about to pick it up and eat it, but i knew it was a trap i knew they were trying to trick me. Suddenly I saw a white rabbit running holding a clock so i thought why not follow the rabbit as i was running following the rabbit it led to the Gate Of Hell. It was humongous, I could not believe that it existed. It looked like a big door from the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

I was nervous to open the gate but I promised myself to save Lily and Milly. So I tried opening the gate using all my strength. As soon as I was trying to open the gate I was able to open it. When I opened it I was shocked as my jaw dropped. I saw a Mirror Maze in front of me. I was confused as I was trying to find a path to escape. After a while I was able to escape. It was tiring as hell but I needed to keep going.

As soon as I was able to escape the Mirror Maze, in front of me there was a bridge engulfed in flames. Suddenly I heard someone whisper “ You Need A Spell To Pass The Bridge!!!”. I was frightened by the voice but I knew it was the devil. Suddenly it whispered again “ I Will Give You One Hint !! It is my favorite food, it is white and soft and sweet. NOW GUESS THE SPELL !!!!!”. I think and think and think “White, soft…..” . Suddenly someone came into my mind for some reason. It was Danny. “ Aaa! I Know It!, MARSHMALLOW !!” . As I was shouting the answer. Suddenly a humongous marshmallow appeared in the middle of the bridge that was engulfed with flames. But I thought if i dont cross the bridge quickly it will melt. So I hurriedly crossed the bridge. As i was walking the bridge I felt it looked so delicious that i just wanted to jump into it and eat but that was too dangerous since it could be hot that i could melt.

As I was able to escape the bridge, I continued walking as I was wondering where Lily and Milly were. Suddenly I heard someone's voice. “ Hana! Help!! “ As I was walking trying to find who was shouting for help I saw Lily and Milly drowning in the river. So I went into the river but it turns out that it was a river full of honey. It was sticky and slimy. I was scared that I would drown but I needed to save Lily and Milly. So I went forward trying to get Lily and Milly. “ I need to save them !! “. As I was walking towards them I said “ Lily, Milly hold my hand.” . As they held my hand it was hard for me to both let Lily and Milly escape since the river is so sticky. Suddenly someone said “ I Will Help You !” As I looked up I saw a colony of bees trying to help us. The colonies surrounded us and picked us to the river side.

After we were able to go to the river side, there was an angel ready to take Lily and Milly to heaven. Lily and Milly said “ Hana, Thank you for helping us, we are now able to go to heaven.”. The two of them disappeared into the sky with the angel. Suddenly I woke up, it was a bright morning and I was back to the real world again. So I was normally going to school and came into my classroom when I saw two macaroons on my desk. I looked up at the sky and smiled knowing it was from Lily and Milly. I said “ See you, The Devil Twin”.

The End.

Now let's start the adventure !!

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