The Path Taken by 'Ere Dragons Fly

Follow the Apprentice Scribe Mal as she is faced with the choices of what she did, and every choice you make shapes who she becomes.

With the threat of a neighbouring kingdom looming over the heads of many, chaos unfolds in a small town. Can Mal make it through the chaos to find out what is really going on, or will she just be another victim of the night. After all, it is hard to survive in a town - in a WORLD- where nothing is as it seems.

~Part 1~
Review by AllThatGlitters
16 Jun 2015
An amazing story of a young girl with a past that is as mysterious as the surroundings. A well written short adventure where every choice you make counts. Plus a bonus funny ending!

Can't wait for part 2!

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'Ere Dragons Fly

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Published 15 Jun 2015