Dreams... by BaconCatSCP!

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This is a story of a Young Boy who sees the world in a different way, in a way he wants to see it using his dreams and imagination.

As the Boy grows up, he starts to see the world in different ways, still following through what he wants to see.

Join the Boy as he grows up, and explores his inner self..

[This story is well, kinda based on me. I saw it as a pretty simple choice since I am still growing up, allowing me to use my past and make a world which I wanted..

I challenged myself with writing this quest, since I gave myself only 3 hours to write this, so I do apologize for any spelling errors, grammar errors, etcetera!

I feel I may have gone a little too ambitious with my idea, 3 hours is definitely not enough time to finish it all, so it's probably going to be un-finished when published,

If decent reviews are received and things, I shall continue to add to this quest, hopefully perfecting all of it's ruff edges!

There are no pictures yet for the actual storyline (information doesn't count as storyline.) I'm debating or now weather or not to have any, I'd prefer if people used their imagination to fit with the theme!

I hope you enjoy this, I plan on making more in the future.]

{CopyRighted to me :3}

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