NOSFERATU: The Curse by jerr-harden

You are the world class vampire hunter, Joshua Harkness. You must hunt a vampire that killed and ran out a city into abandonment. Looking for a world class text adventure like an Infocom title? Not here, look else where! I wrote this only to get something finished. You have a limited amount of moves (40, which again, very generous, if I may imply) to finish the game. I am going to finish more games like this in the future to pave the way for my future opus that is better then these simple text adventures. - Jeremy Harden
Review by gabenslair
24 Sep 2018
Even if you get all the items (Cross, Shovel, Ect.) You can't do anything once your in the graveyard knowing what do do though, so I tried stabbing the ground with a shovel, doesn't work. I tried "find vampire", doesnt work, i tried place shovel cant find a place to put it. i can't use "use", i waited but the vamprie got to me.

It's a shame that the game doesn't clue you in on what grave is it nor what you need to do to more specifically.

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