The Last Survivor 2015 by Gideonwilliams

Are you really the last person left on Earth?

A short adventure game to introduce Quest to students.

Co-written and created by Kristian Still and Gideon Williams from an idea over coffee and lemon drizzle cake.

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Review by Morgen
01 Apr 2015
The descriptions were gripping and the storyline interesting. I also liked that there were multiple endings. However, I was disappointed with the set-up of many of the objects. Particularly annoying thing for me were the hyperlinks for the lift buttons--for two of them, 'look at' was on the left and 'press' on the right, but for the wrong button they are reversed, so while I was quickly trying to 'look' at all of the buttons for clues, I accidentally clicked on the wrong hyperlink and died.
Besides these technical issues (I've listed some below) and a few grammar problems, I would have liked to have the game include more clues rather than rely on trial-and-error guesses.

A few other object issues: I can't read the notebook although it is "well-used"; I can't see the Post-it or stickies ("I can't see that"); for some reason I can't look at either box without instantly needing to enter a password; if I have unlocked a box and look at it again, I am still required to enter the password; if I take the Petri dish and try to use the swipe card on the control panel, I get an error ("Error running script: only one wait can be in progress at a time"), even after dropping the dish; the Ebola is described as a "petrie dish" but I can't see or drop it if I use that phrase--I need to call it "Ebola" for any command to work; if I open the control panel, a mysterious Code110110110 appears in my inventory but seems to serve no purpose; and if I have the swipe card and return to the box and re-enter the password, the card magically disappears from my inventory to appear in the box.

Review by Jonathan Smith
24 Jul 2012
Ideal as introduction to text adventures for my Year 7.

Any chance of getting the unpackaged file so I can show them how it works?

Jonathan Smith
ICT Coordinator
Portsmouth High School

Review by halidon99
06 Jun 2012
Cool game

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Published 23 May 2012
Updated 15 Jan 2016

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