Trash Sin City by Yogur Podrido

Trash Sin City is the low budget version of Eroges. You can engange in different relationships in a distant future with Artificial Intelligence Beings, which goes from robots, to anthropomorphic animals, living electronic applicances, sentient puppets and so on.

Version 0.2
There's one category of routes finished (Fifth category) with 5 ends avaible.
Some parts of other routes are started.
The purpose of uploading this incomplete is to start getting feedback to improve as
I keep working on the rest of routes. Graphics will be added ver. 1.1 onwards.
Original Cover art.

The text is neutral for players to imagine the scenes in their desired sexual orientation.
This game has Adult Rating due to sexual scenes, vulgar language and horrible puns and humour.

If you want to play a game to make to rethink the good things of life, this is your game.

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Written by
Yogur Podrido

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 30 Jun 2018
Updated 03 Jul 2018