Mt. Underlook - Trial of False Eyes by Ken Ra

Years after the apocalypse the world's most resourceful war tribe is holding prisoners. They torture them in order to learn about rival tribes and prevent any other from becoming a significant threat. You are one of those prisoners, but unlike the others you had a career in designing surveillance technology and worked as a security consultant for the government. You're also a bit of a cannibal. Can you escape?

Warning: Game may contain minor flashes, sudden images and changes of, and unusual music cues.

This game is primarily meant for clicking. The command bar is only used a few times in the game for entering prompts. If after a dialogue no locations / objects appear just click to look at something in your inventory. This is a known glitch I am trying to rectify. Player isn't voiced, but most NPCS have voiceovers. Sometimes you will be unable to take actions until they finish speaking - this is normal and set up in order to keep conversations paced properly. The voice acting is done by both amateurs and experienced, paid professionals. There is also background music in most areas.

- Bad choices can and will kill you.
- Bad choices very much can and very much will kill you.
- Inspect everything when time allows. It could literally save your life.
- You are a beaten prisoner with a broken mind. Trying to escape a mountain prison is hard as hell. Your health will occasionally drop throughout the game – keep an eye on it! - Sometimes cannibalism is justified.
- There is a lot of optional stuff in the game, some of it may reward you. Some of it may kill you.
- Take notes! All puzzle solutions are either strongly hinted at or given to you at earlier points in the game!
- You hallucinate sometimes, it's normal to see and try to interact with things that aren't there.
- Bad choices can and will kill you.
- Deal with monsters quickly. Remember – you're weak!
- Keep morality out of your decision making.
- This game isn't meant to be easy, but it's far from impossible.
- If you can't enter an optional room due to not having a key be sure to backtrack when you find it.

Walkthrough available at

Created by Ken Ra
Voice acting: Ken Ra, Femi Owoyale, Kayla Lopez, Caleb Jones
Music composed by Ken Ra

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Review by Ganeshtemples
19 Jun 2020
A must play for Skyrook Gorge fans!

Review by Tundealion
19 Jun 2020
You always do manage to fill terror stories with comedy without the comedy impacting the genre. I love the psychological elements you fit in this as well.

Review by Vaderoflords
19 Jun 2020
Almost as good as the books!

Review by Sadsighndude
19 Jun 2020
Game was long, fun though! Only issue is typing bar dear, I think game should just not have it for how little it was used.

Review by Mixofsystems
19 Jun 2020
It's kinda hard bot I'm not rating down for that because the story is good and the music is creepy. Voice acting is a cool addition! Well done. Is this your first game?

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Written by
Ken Ra

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 12 Jul 2020