Lazy Bread by FG YX text-ventures

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Welcome to...
Lazy Bread! (the part after breaddy went nto david's house.)

This is a bread toturing simulator! (kind of?)

Try lots of ways to make breaddy wake up!

---i will add more choices !!! so please keep playing it.

Update 1:
poke him

flush him down the toilet

shake him violently

minecraft him

smack him

alarm clock

kung fu activate

give biscuts

pour bucket of ice on him

sit on him

throw him in the basket ball hoop

try to EAT him

cook him

drown him

Update 2:
poop on him

Quiz time!

Tell the time

Pour acid on him

---RC creeperz

Games going to be made after this:
Lazy Bread 2 (after breaddy went into the forest.)
None yet!
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FG YX text-ventures

Added 28 Jan 2021
Updated 05 Feb 2021