Asher to Ash by tophe

Through the following pages you will walk along side one of the world's most renown assassin and magus, Ash.

How does one come to claim such a status, when in a world filled with magic there is a power even greater that seeks to dispel it from the world forever? A world where, magic is born in but a small percentage of the world's population, and viewed by the rest as destructive,unholy, and a corrupting sin eroding the innocent minds of men and women. In this very world one great family has risen above dangers that have threatened the very existence of men; the Asher family.

A family who, for generations now, have united the Contego empire against a common enemy; Magi. And for generations they have succeed in pushing such dangerous beings to the brink of extinction.

Follow Ash as he soon sets out on his greatest challenge yet. Lead him into the jaws of hell, the very heart of his greatest enemy; The Royal Asher Castle; where he will meet his greatest enemy.
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Published 11 Dec 2014