Doctor Wrenclaw's Adventures of Maria Annette by Jennifer Wren

This is dice and a gameboard, traversed by a small doll, + complete with an atlas of squares of danger, to carefully avoid.
Along the way are bountiful treasures for you to read, imagine, and find.

This is a mellowdrama and adventure tale about Maria Annette and her psychiatrist, a doctor.

There is a story to read, but it is just story. Same with the maps.
There are stones to lift and boxes to tear into. Only open if you want.

Please, Use the Arrow Keys. Press one key at a time. No key speeding!
(On a phone, use the ↑ ↓ → ← on the screen, instead.
Phone seems to not display any map! Nor sound.
Stats are under "+ Inventory" with android.)

To open a pop-up click a word, letter, or symbol. Some words do this, others not.
To put the window away, again, click on it.
Some popups are popups within popups.
To access a popup within a popup:
1. Lightly click the silver link within the window.
2.The popup will close.
3. Click the original letter or symbol to re-open both. A new popup is on top of the original.
You have to open it again when it closes, and voila. It seems like more than you would expect, but it is not broken.
To put away the second popup, click on the second popup. Next time you click on the link, only the first window will come up, just like before.
You can also put away the combination unchanged. Just click on the first window of the pair. underneath the attachment.

Popups also contain object links.
Every object link brings up a clickable little red box if you click on it.
The box sometimes shows up in an obscure location, but it is always the same little red box.
If you find something under the lid of a box or a stone, contents will change in the next popup, (not the last one.)

To use the map:
Choose your direction, close your eyes, and will the dice to take you to any square not covered by a warning.
Sometimes, it has a mind of its own.
And sometimes, you will find one of the four maps has all six of the next six numbered squares free.
Take that direction. You will thank me for it.

1.If you land on one of the ledgibly marked danger zones, nothing in the dolls pockets will help you.
That doesn't keep her from looking into them herself sometimes. (They are refrigerator doors to her.)
2.It doesn't cost money to nearly die over and over again, but it can cost Maria Anette all of her pills.
That's what they're for. They also affect Maria Anette's score, which is always the same as yours.
Other things are calculated into your score, and you will see which as you play.
Jewels do not do anything. Still, Maria Annette truly loves them.

Click and drag the dice to a corner to watch it fly across its screen.
Head off on different paths and see nature in every season every day.

Many thanks to GameOver9000 and mrangel who helped me with javascript and gridmap,
and also many others, who have answered questions or written the documentation pages,
many people who have encouraged me, and everyone who contributed to the game engine.

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Written by
Jennifer Wren

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 24 Feb 2024
Updated 01 Mar 2024