Patient 52--- The Legend of a survivor, hero, and prophet by mithos237

What do you do when your own turn against you? When the whole world is sent to hell, and all your left with is a backpack and your limited courage. When all of a sudden the world is your enemy. When you see your mother get mutilated in front of your very eyes. This is exactly what happened to the main character, You. You are put in the middle of this. You need to carve your story. How will you survive in the zombie apocalypse? Who will you meet? Who will you trust? Who will you love? And after all is said and done, is living REALLY worth it? Thats a choice your going to have to make in this exciting, thrilling, and mind bending game by "the prophet"
But just remember, Never turn your back, Because if you do.
They will find you.

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Review by Feresto
11 Mar 2014
really short, way too obvious.
needs to make better use of items. rather than just sending you to your death.
would be worth playing if it was longer.

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