High School Of Hunger: High School Is Hard When It's Easy For Girls To Eat You by The Little Guy

Take on the role of Jason, a 17 year old high school student who has been forced to transfer schools to a bigger more intimidating school. In this world, when girls reach a certain age, they get stronger and gain the ability to swallow large objects whole, which has created a culture where girls and women love to swallow people whole. Which is a hard world for you to live in, because you are easy prey since you are an unusually short guy, so it is easier for you to be devoured, especially at this new school as it is large and has rather lax rules about girls and female faculty eating students.

Will you even survive the first day? Or will you be able to make it through many days worth of school to graduate?

This is a same-sized vore fetish game. There are 8 endings so far.

Review by LoneRanger2420
02 Mar 2022
Fantastic writing and story! Loved every bit of it.

Review by Nico Nico Ni
13 Jun 2021
Amazing writing mixed with a really good understanding of the topic! One of the best ones on this site!

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Written by
The Little Guy

Added 06 Jun 2021