Victorian Detective Interlude by peter123

You're a great detective living in Victorian London. Your internal monologue will guide you by clicking on links in the body of text as you investigate three past cases.

Your eidetic memory is represented by your ability to reread all the story you've experienced...

Your intensely fast analyzing ability is represented by your unlimited time between choices...

Your vast knowledge is represented by the internet...

London needs you!

Please comment and rate my games, and if you enjoy the Victorian Detective series I would be happy if you voted on which game you thought was the best. Follow the link below to vote.

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Review by WarriorsSN
27 Jun 2018
i liked it, tho im not good, i did not get the point of this game, but keep it up

Review by PanicPlanet2000
21 May 2018
Love It. Keep Up The Series!!

Review by Ekyn24
26 Apr 2018
Good game. Challenging with its riddles, but gave out enough hints for us to figure out the answers. It's like reading a mini short series. It is quite well made. My compliments to the author and creator.

Review by Stripes
05 Jan 2018
Okay, so, this is the first Victorian Detective story I've read. I must say, this is probably the best thing I've read on this site as of writing this! Dark but quirky, relying on well-known detective story tropes but creating its own identity, this was truly a great story. The puzzles were very fun, and while some were difficult, they never felt unfair. The characters weren't too awfully developed, with the possible exception of some of the suspects, but the story didn't seem very character-driven anyway. The choices you made didn't affect the story very much, but they didn't have to. This was more of a story to be told, not a story for the reader to create on their own. And there's nothing wrong with that. Overall, very nicely done. I'll be reading the other Victorian Detective stories soon.

Review by ThunderHenry
03 Jan 2018
I played this game until I got deductionist because I was so entranced. 5 stars! Please make more.

Review by nammyal
26 Sep 2017
Really enjoyed salad days

Review by The Rookie 523
25 Sep 2017
Amazing first Victorian Detective game I have played and I look forward to playing the rest of them. 5 Stars

Review by rocket680
16 Sep 2017
This one was the best, by far that I've ever played

Review by niklasalden
25 Jul 2017
I hope you make more games! Really enjoyed this one.

Review by GameofChocolate
20 Jul 2017
*clap clap clap* Very well done! I approve!

Great script-writing, awesome story, good plot, and great decision making opportunities. I loved it!

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