Broken Legs by Sarah Morayati

A blurb? They expect you to write? You're Lottie Plum so you're not going into writing. You sing. And dance and act up a storm while everyone else can only manage a puddle. You belong at Bridger. No matter what it takes.
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Review by Mayame8
23 Jul 2015
Really hard but that still is a good challenge.
Can't get rid of anyone though and it's kind of annoying me...only met the stage kid and Seraphina though. Trying again!

Love the game though, I'll stop ranting about my issues. It's great to have someone who's mean though instead of a hero :)

Review by Eaten By A Grue
04 May 2014
Loved it -- outstanding level of detail and it's a blast to have a game where the protagonist is such a refreshingly horrible person. It's pretty tough, too, I can only get rid of Kassie so far.

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Sarah Morayati
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Published 01 Oct 2009
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