The Castle with 600 Rooms by kjohnson

You wake up after a restless night lost in a wide valley, to find yourself standing in front of a huge castle, bigger than anything you have ever seen. It’s an old castle, you can tell by the rough texture of the stones and the dust that sits between every line and crack. You are empty handed, wearing a tattered shirt, trousers and faded blue boots. Curious, you take a few steps back to examine more of the castle, The drawbridge comes crashing down, frightening you. You notice a torch burning inside the entrance, you walk through the archway, and here a wispy voice.
“Welcome to the castle with 600 rooms”
The goal of this game is to collect The soul Orb, located somewhere in the castle and find all the secrets.

Note: This game still has a lot of editing still to do.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 04 Nov 2016
Updated 12 Feb 2018