Quit Your Job Simulator 2014 by Colin Sandel

Exactly 14 hours before the sprint review, Manny from the California office has finally fixed the bug you've been bothering him about for weeks. He kicked a new build, which will take about an hour and a half thanks to his awful spaghetti code. You need to verify the bugfix before you go home.

Long story short, it's another late night in the empty office.

Quit Your Job Simulator 2014 is a hypertext comedy-horror game with a fully-explorable boring office, multiple endings, and bad coffee. Can you escape the nightmare?

QYJS2014 is an expansion of an entry ('Harvest') in Merritt Kopas's Naked Twine Jam.
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Review by theworldender
17 Mar 2021
a short, fun game that has a campy feel to it reminiscent of a goosebumps book. i only found two endings but had fun nonetheless.

Review by Artemis Cruz
09 May 2016
I played the entire game over and over again. You had a hint of suspicion that something wasn't going right and I would have never found out the real ending if it wasn't without my friend accidentally finding it.

Review by Speedy Gonzales
27 Jul 2015
it was too short and you cant do anything other than going north and south. you die no matter what

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Colin Sandel
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Published 17 Jan 2014
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