Just Another Haunted House Story... by Kittyclaw

All you wanted to do was get home from the Halloween party before you ran out of gas. Who would have thought following your friend's shortcut would get you into this kind of trouble? Will you make it home before sunrise, or will this weird house in the middle of the woods get the best of you on Halloween night?

Click links in the text to explore your environment and make your choices. Choose wisely! Will you make it home? Will you solve the mystery of the strange house in the woods? Will you ever get out of your ridiculous Halloween costume???

Click through the text to explore the world and move forward in the story. Because we sometimes follow trains of thought into action without realizing, all of your action prompts are mixed into the passages along with links to extra information, so click carefully! Pay attention to the details, and don't be afraid to take risks. If you find any bugs or dead links, or anything else you think I can fix, please let me know, and have fun!
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Published 27 May 2015
Updated 27 May 2015