Prey (COLETTE DEMO) by Movement

⚠️ [WARNING: Depictions of Gore, Death, and other adult themes are present throughout.] ⚠️

"Prey" explores a dark and dangerous world where animals have evolved similarly to humans. Morality and instinct are constantly at odds in mammals' unpredictable encounters with one another, and the next moment of safety is never guaranteed. In this choice-driven, brutal fight for survival, the correct decisions are vital and the consequences are dire. After finding yourself lost and disoriented deep within the unforgiving wilderness, will you live to return home once more?

This is my first text adventure, so I've made this DEMO to test out the storytelling format. This is a prequel to the main story of "Prey", its events directly leading into/setting up the full story. The protagonist of this DEMO is not the protagonist of the main story. This short story is currently incomplete, but feel free to take a gander at my progress if you'd like. Thanks for the read!

Colette is an anthropomorphic rabbit who ventures out to forage with a close-knit group three times a season. Now out for her second run of summer after years of foraging, something is different. A member of the group, and a close friend of Colette's, is missing. And another is brand new. In a world where nothing seems safe, Colette finds herself holding onto what she can. After all, what is survival without someone to survive for?
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