The Dare (giantess) by sctheriault

You live in a world where all men are tiny and invincible, which makes them very entertaining for women. Your friend, who has pleasured his fair share of women, dares you to do the same. Thus you set out to pleasure as many women as you can.

Once you pick a giantess there are two things you have to do:

1. Sneak around, observe your surroundings and spy on your target, without being caught.

2. Once you have the info you need get the giantesses attention, and pleasure her.

3. If the start of the level says minigame, ignore the previous steps and do what the level instructs you.
As the game goes on the women will get pickier, the environment more hazardous and the info you need more cryptic. Please suggest giantesses to include, they can be from any form of media, real life or you could make them up.

V0.5: Current giantesses are Peach, Harley Quinn, Chun Li, Black Widow and Misty.

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Review by jamosince4th
06 May 2021
It’s okay but it could use some code reviewing and testing changed code. Basically it’s okay but you need to go through and test run everything (all the different options) and fix any and all coding errors you see that pop up. Just keep going back through and test running the whole game until all the code works and doesn’t give you a code error with any part of the game.

Review by Dragon99999999
24 Jan 2021
It is a good game but needs more content

Review by noall
02 Dec 2020
It was good.

Review by Alan walker 019
06 Mar 2020
Please add some more scenarios with black widow

Review by aceshley1989
20 Oct 2019
this game really, really, really, awesome. for the update i was thinking of the beast form of jun fudo from go nagi's: the devil lady.

Review by Mariosonicfan67
03 Oct 2019
I enjoy playing this game. Even if their aren't a lot of giantesses, it's still fun. Hope to see more characters. And if I could add one for a suggestion, Cynthia from Pokemon.

Review by shrinkydink112269
30 May 2019
I want to love it but it's just far too eh for me, an update and work on the scripts as well as the rooms in the game, I wold give it a one star but goooood I love that Chun-Li scene UwU

Review by Ultra Blue Moon
07 Feb 2019
It's good, please update more, I'd love to see where you would go with this after a good while.

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
While the idea of video game characters brought me here, the actually game kept me here. It would be nice to see more interactions with the story, what is here isn't bad. hopefully you'll have your computer fixed and an update on the way. good luck to you.

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

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