Sleepover Rules by SjoerdHekking

Sleepover rules is a short adventure with a specific set of rules to follow. You are invited to a friend's house, he hosts a sleepover and you agreed to come. Soon you start to realize that these rules are not a formality but rather a necessary key to surviving the sleepover. As you descent deeper into the house and all of its rooms you find yourself questioning your sanity and if you will ever see your home again.

Death is more than just a dream in which you can't wake up, sometimes the dream is endless and realistic, sometimes it's just a reawakening of the truth. Are you the first to sleepover at the house? Will you survive, or become part of the dream?

The game is rich in features:
- More than twenty unique ways to die!
- Decision-based gameplay
- A diary in which you can explore the background story
- Art provided by an artist
- Music/audio to get you in the right vibe
- Easy controls
- Short play through time

If experiencing "No valid storage adapters found", please enable cookies for in general or specifically for this page. Sleepover rules require "cookies", not to track your personal life, but to store savegames.
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