A Cats Life (Warrior Cats) by ImaZebraCat

In this Warrior cat based adventure game, you go through two completely different lives, one as a rouge/ loner and one as a warrior. Each path givews you many chooses, love will blossom out of many of the paths unless you try hard to make sure it doesnt. At the beggining of the game, you are given the chance to be a loner or born clan cat, and go from there. If you choose warrior, you will play as Snowkit, a small shy white thunderclan kit and live her life until the end. If you choose loner, you will get chances to join the clan, you are born as a black loner kit who has to find her way through life as a loner. While a loner you will get chances to join the clan and vice versa. Also, Raven and Snowkit have mismatched eyes, one blue and one green to show how they are somewhat of one in the same. Normally white cats have blue eyes and black cats have green eyes. Enjoy!

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Review by Snowfurpanpat2
15 Dec 2022
qwertyuiop[] zasdfghjk

Review by wolf2020
08 Jan 2021
so good i love it

Review by Lilybraken
08 Jan 2021
Erm... great but I would like it to keep going!!!

Review by warri0rcats
07 Aug 2020
I love how you can choose if you are a loner or clan cat, I can't wait for the next update!

Review by HRomo24
02 Aug 2019
What you have so far is very good, I really enjoyed reading it, and I can't wait for you to finish it

Review by iiDrxel
21 Jun 2019
Probably one of the best Warrior cat games I've played, although it sill needs some work, such as some areas of the script. Either way, I cant wait for the next update!

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