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This is a noise map generator that uses 2D Perlin/Simplex noise to generate the map. Noise has many applications but it is often used in game development to procedurally generate game worlds.

This project was mainly a learning experience for me as I wanted to see if I could get noise generation working in Quest so I could apply it to other projects later down the line.

*Map Width: Controls the width of the canvas.
*Map Height: Controls the height of the canvas.
*World Size: Controls the size of the world. The higher the number, the longer generation takes!
*Noise: Can choose between Perlin or Simplex noise.
*Seed: An integer between 1 - 65536. You can click the ? beside it to get a random seed.
*Octaves: Can have a maximum of 6 octaves. You can click the + beside it to add a new octave.
*Octave: Comes with 3 different number inputs. You can click the X beside it to delete the octave.
*Filter: Can choose between the elevation or moisture filter.

Until I figure out how to add a vertical scrollbar to the custom status pane. You may have to use commands to change the settings as the pane can extend past the screen and you won't be able to change the hidden settings.

*Add #text# Octave: Adds octave.
*Delete Elevation Octave: Deletes elevation octave. Enter octave # with command.
*Elevation Seed #text#: Changes elevation seed. Enter ? with command to get a random seed.
*Moisture Seed #text#: Changes elevation seed. Enter ? with command to get a random seed.
*Delete Moisture Octave: Deletes moisture octave. Enter octave # with command.

*Map Width #text#: Changes canvas width.
*Map Height #text#: Changes canvas height.
*World Size #text#: Changes world size

*Noise Type #text#: Changes noise type.
*Filter #text#: Changes filter type.
*Update/update: Generates and draws the map.

*Clear Screen: Clears screen.


*Making Maps with Noise Functions

*Video Demo

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