Woo Rebooted by DavyB

You are Doctor Woo and the BARDIS, your space-time craft, is malfunctioning. Can you leave the surreal planet on which you have landed and resume your travels?

This is the latest revision of the Woo Goes Further text adventure series (http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/NS08oB-ss02brmMcVrNv7w/woo-goes-even-further). In this version, all cruelty has been removed, apart, of course, from sudden death when you are timed out if playing online. Please download if you can, as this is a relatively long game, so playing online is not recommended, except to get a flavour of the game. Type 'about' for more information.

The game has a 1980s feel overall though some of the characters you encounter have more recent counterparts. Happy to provide hints if needed!
Longshot & DavyB

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Review by joshtgb
08 Jun 2022
Awesome game! DavyB did an excellent job with this continuation of the Woo series and was very helpful the one time I got hung up on one of the puzzles. The game itself is difficult enough that it is rewarding, but the solutions are logical and intuitive so as to not make the game frustrating. The ending was satisfying as well. The game was very well designed and thoroughly tested. I was very hard pressed to find any issues with it (and I'm the type that will find issues if they are there by accident or not). It was helpful for me to turn on the game panes which included a map - you can turn them on in the game options (type help). This game should have a lot more attention so please leave reviews or comments about your experiences as well so that others can find this gem. Thank you DavyB and team for a great experience!

Review by XanMag
16 Apr 2020
This is one of the better games on the site and needs to be played by all TA enthusiasts. The whole game works really well. It's well written, challenging yet logical puzzles, and is well coded with no errors. Also, DavyB was incredibly quick to help when I stubbed my toe a few times. All-in-all, I really hope this ends up on the "Editor's Picks" on the main page so it gets the attention that it deserves. Well Done and Happy Gaming!

Review by rcsjr1951128
09 Apr 2020
Finished the newest version of the game and would recommend it to anyone who really enjoys playing text adventure games. Built in maps, sound effects make it a real pleasure to play. If you have played older versions of the game your in for a real treat. New characters have been added. The story line has been changed and debugged to make it even more interesting. If you have never played it before please download a copy and give it a try. This game deserves a lot of respect and credit. Thanks to the creators of the game . This is by far one of my favorites that I will indeed play again.

Review by timmyfjjffddj22
27 Mar 2020
Really fun, love adventuring around in a BARDIS! It seems like you've programmed a good message in everything, I really hope this gets the love it deserves!!!

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