Bad Juju by jbarnett

You are a documentarian of the occult. Your latest adventure takes you to the city of New Orleans where you attempt to uncover a clandestine voodoo sect. In the course of your investigation you are unwittingly plunged into the heart of the clan's lair. Now you must use all of your experience and skill just to escape with your life.

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17 Sep 2016
Well written although more puzzle-based than story-based.
There are unfortunately some issues with puzzles- One where you need to make a potion doesn't say what form the ingredients need to be in, and doesnt give any feedback of what the problem is, just that you're not ready. Sometimes you can successfully 'use' one object on another, but not vice versa. A puzzle with a key has it hidden in a completely illogical place I only stumbled on by accident & couldnt see any hints to. And one key cant be used on the object that says it has the keyhole indentation on it, but must be used on a nearby one for it to be recognised...
Also ONLY use basic commands like 'use' or 'open' - Trying to use more advanced ones like 'hit' or 'put in' can confuse the game!
This all makes it a little confusing whether you're trying to do the correct thing and it's not working for some reason, or whether you're thinking down the wrong lines entirely...

The game does require you to refer to things that aren't listed in the room objects but are mentioned in descriptions.

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Published 06 Sep 2015
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