1950's crime story by insanero

You are a 1950's detective, you must solve a murder of a young bank worker,

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Review by Tale Weaver
16 Dec 2015
Does this even need constructive criticism? There's not much that can be done to fix this train wreck.

Review by Zefou
16 Mar 2015
This game had me absolutely blown away.
By letting me down, that is. I must agree with the last reveiwer that the game lacks depth, independence and - this far - meaning. The game can be finished in less than half a minute, and there is no real way to lose. A longer game with a bit more writing could have been interesting; i really liked the premise.
A sidenote is that L.A. Noire takes place in the 40's, although this is of lesser importance.
I would have been tempted to give this game a 2 if it had lasted a bit longer.

Review by Sizniche
05 Mar 2015
It could honestly use a lot of work. Firstly, much of the scenery is left undescribed, and the writer relies on screenshots from L.A. Noire to get his setting across. Secondly, The game is incredibly short, and can be solved with only a few clicks. Thirdly, there was no actual evidence to suggest that the killer is actually the killer; the man at the corner store said the cigars were a bestseller, meaning the fact the man also bought a box is highly circumstantial. Fourthly, the writer gives us a meaningless track record which has no purpose in the game whatsoever. Fifthly, the most uneventful action sequence occurs at the end of this game. This text adventure is of low quality and needs work before it can be an acceptable playing experience.

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