Hospital; 106 by snorahforlife

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You and your friends go explore into the abandoned hospital, hoping to find something interesting. It stumbles upon multiple deaths you come to realize- there’s something in the hospital with you all. It might be related to all the deaths from the past. Started with 7 people, but slowly dying one by one.. You need to figure out the mysterious deaths, and escape before the thing gets you too.

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Review by Harperswannny
12 Mar 2024
This game was mysterious and enjoyable from start to finish. The game seemed a little confusing, but no one would want to play a mystery that made sense. I was a little lost when it came to talking about the friend group, and I believe that if you were to revise your text, then you should clarify who the characters in the friend group are. I would also fix some spelling mistakes, such as on the page labeled Footsteps? where you wrote, "Do you think of of us." and I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that. Hospital 106, even the name sends shivers down your spine, the concept of this game is immaculate and intriguing.  This game left me on the edge of my seat, and I am sure it can take you to the edge of yours. Overall, I would suggest playing this game.

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